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Quay Wall Block

A 75m quay wall block type with 6 m depth, 50 ton Basin left ships, slip way and break waters which have been built in Algahmah (KSA) belong to Saudi coast guard in 2011.

Five-Star Hotel

The five-star hotel is located near to King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah (KSA) for private sector. The project site area is 4,263 m2, consists of 20 stories and the built up area is 61,067 m2. The project contains 284 rooms and 36 suites ,religious facilities, two international restaurants, two cafes, four meeting rooms, ballroom and multi-level car parking.

Four Small Marinas

Four small marinas belong to Facilities security forces. Tow of them are located in Gulf sea and the others are located in Red sea (KSA). Each one of them has a quay wall with its accessories and brake waters. These marinas are used for small boats with 2.5 m draft.

Alkhorayef Marina

The project is located in Jeddah – Abhur bay with area of (18,480 m2). The projects elements are: Marina designed for (48 Boats with 16 m length each, 14 boats with 9 m length, 2 yacht with 7 m length, 1 yacht with 56 m length and 8 jet boats), workshop, Basin ship left, slip way, coffee shops, restaurants, retail shops, Member lounge, Clinic, Labor accommodation, Storage and utilities and Private chalet.

Renovation and maintenance of services berths, Roro Berths (Berth No. 4,5,7,8,9,10 & other different works inside Jazan Seaport

The project site is located inside the area of the Jazan seaport unit consisting of the renovation and repair of the commercial berths for the ships unloading the imported goods.

Due to the long life of the Port more than 35 years the port is subjected to damage and corrosion. Moreover, due to the bad condition and status of the berths the port Authority made study for the renovation and repair of all areas to improve the condition of the Port to render better services by proposing the following works:

  1. Demolition of all the corroded concrete vertically at the seaside and the horizontal surfaces.
  2. Removal and replacement of the corroded and damaged steel reinforcement with new epoxy coated re bars and pour new concrete of better quality.
  3. Repair and repaint of the ships pollards.
  4. Replace and repaired of the damaged ladders.
  5. Replace all the damaged fenders.
  6. Replace all the damaged precast concrete trenches covers.
  7. Replace all the damaged and corroded manhole covers.
  8. Repair some concrete walls including the study of the repair methods.
  9. Repair and reconstruct some settled areas.

By completing the renovation and repair works the seaport shall be capable of improving the quality of the operation, raising the efficiency and rendering better services.

Construction of El Abbasy Fishermen Harbour in Yanbu

General Overview:
This Project of the Client Yanbu Commercial Port with a title of Construction of El Abbasy Fishermen Harbour are referred to develop a facilities like the construction of landing Quaywalls with mooring ring, dredging, berthing basin, breakwater and other accessories like a slipway and pavement (asphalt) or hardstand behind capping beam.

Project Contents:
As per the approved project plan schedule, besides the mobilization, engineering and documentation, materials submittal and approval and the procurements are the list of major works to be done as per contract and specification.

  1. Dredging Works
  2. Marine Works
  3. Breakwater and Rock Protection Works
  4. Pavement or Hardstand Works
  5. Slipway with Reinforce Concrete Slab (Area 3)

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