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Civil Engineering

Civil & Geotechnical Engineering

Dr. Mahdi Alsuliman’s consultancy firm has a wide range of expertise with respect to the design and implementation of projects related to the provision of civil services. The technical team responsible for civil design and implementation affords a balanced mixture of experience, practical training and the development of young technicians and engineers.

Our engineers all have over 15 years’ experience of geotechnical work, including investigations for large shorelines, highway projects, town centre developments, high-rise buildings and numerous industrial and housing schemes. The firm employs a team of highly qualified and experienced Geotechnical Engineers, together with site and laboratory technicians.
We can offer a wide range of exploratory methods to investigate the soils below a site, including Cable Percussion/Rotary Boreholes, Window Sampling, in situ CBR and Plate Bearing Tests, Dynamic Probes and Trial Pits catering for both ‘open field’ situations and small inner city basements with difficult access. The fieldwork is controlled by our Geotechnical Engineers, who continually monitor progress and ensure that the correct level of data is obtained for the proposed development scheme. We have our own laboratory, which is located at our Head Office in Jeddah, classified as class A, and our fully trained staff are capable of undertaking the majority of routine geotechnical classifications.

Our services cover

• Soil investigation (in situ and laboratory tests)
• Foundations
• Railway engineering
• Highway engineering
• Transport planning, traffic engineering and traffic safety
• Tunnel engineering
• Bridge engineering
• Structural engineering
• Sewerage and drainage systems
• Water and sanitation infrastructure development

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