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Marine Structures

Marine Structures and Coastal Development

Port and marine projects are often highly complex and their planning and design requires a wide range of competences. Dr. Mahdi Alsuliman consultancy firm is a leading provider of independent consultancy services across the spectrum of port planning and design, marine structures and coastal engineering.
Owing to our education and experience, our consultancy firm is the only one that is officially licensed by the Saudi Council of Engineers and the Industrial and Commercial Ministry to provide marine structure consultancy in Saudi Arabia. In order to reach the optimum design for this kind of complicated project, facing the challenges of nature, we utilise private applications and methodologies.


Port Planning and Design

When port authorities or the Navy consider expanding and upgrading port facilities to accommodate new or larger vessels, a number of facilities may need to be reconfigured. This includes berths, land storage areas, mooring systems and scour protection. The first step is to evaluate and analyse the facilities, and we will assist port authorities in doing so.
Our consultancy firm has been involved with many new port projects on the Red Sea and the Gulf of Arabia and we can assist port authorities and the Navy with all design aspects, from planning and conceptual design, through to detailed design and supervision.

Dr Mahdi Alsuliman’s consultancy firm has experience in all types of marine works, from small marinas to large ports. Our projects have included all types of quay walls, whether they are gravity type (blocks and caissons), sheet piles or piles. In order to mitigate the liquefaction phenomenon associated with earthquakes, we have developed a methodology for the seismic design of gravity quay walls using non-linear elasto-plastic dynamic analysis. This methodology has been applied to Jeddah Port, berths 4, 5 and 6.


Coastal Development

New development of coastal zones and the extreme variability in the oceanographic and meteorological conditions affect existing assets and set new demands. Dr Mahdi Alsuliman’s consultancy firm conducts planning and design of coastal protection solutions, and provides expert consultancy for shoreline management.

Environmental Studies

Today, environmental considerations are integrated into the decision making process of most construction projects in coastal zones. It is, therefore, often necessary to conduct an environmental impact study, in the form of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).


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