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Our aim

Our aim is to perform advance development of geotechnical /construction material testing and structural analysis that enhances the sustainability and economy of foundation designs through innovation, with accurate and reliable results.

Our mission

We are independent specialized in providing comprehensive geotechnical field and laboratory testing of soil and rocks on shore and off shore. Utilizing state of the art high performance digital testing equipment by techno test Co. (Italy) and mobile drill rig B-57 (USA), which provides client with fast turnaround and accurate test results according to international standards ASTM, AASHTO,BS and SAUDI Specifications.

Testing services provided by us

• Classification testing of soil according to USCS and AASHTO

  1. Moisture content.
  2. Atterberg limits.
  3. Particle size analysis.
  4. Sieve analysis.
  5. Shrinkage limit.

• Earth works and landfill testing

  1. Moisture density relationship.
  2. California bearing ratio (CBR).

• Settlement and Strength

  1. Consolidation test.
  2. Traixial tests.
  3. Unconfined compressive strength.
  4. Directshear test.
  5. Permiameter constant head.
  6. Permiameter variable falling head.

• Rock testing

  1. Point load index.
  2. Saturated moisture content.
  3. Density and porosity.

• Chemical testing

  1. Organic matter content.
  2. Total sulphate content.
  3. Percentage chloride.
  4. T.D.S determination.

In site or field tests

As well as we are specialized in soil investigation by using mobile drill B-57 for boreholes, soil sampling SPT and other in situ test.
• Field geotechnical testing by using MOBILE DRILL B57 USA

  1. SPT test.
  2. Monitoring water table.
  3. Boring and Core logging.

• Field geotechnical testing

  1. Plate bearing test.
  2. In situ density test.
  3. Vane borer.
  4. Soil penetrometer.
  5. Pocket shear meter.
  6. Speedy moisture content.

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